GridABM - Current TODOs

1) Improve English and style throughout the texts (in progress)

2) Two more "advanced technique" into the the StatNet documentation. "heterogeneous agents", and "in between GUI and Batch models" (they exists in the hungarian speaking master thesis of Gábor Szemes, they should be translated)

3) We may put all the logos also to the front page of every documentation (design needed)

GridABM - Further plans

4) Glue up a small, dedicated computer cluster and make it publicly available for test purposes. The aim is to make modelers able to not just to develop but to test their models in a real environment. Make a new related "Tab" and the corresponding .html on the website, titled "Test-cluster" or something similar. It will contain all explanations, access / registration etc.

5) Developer documentations for StatNet DS and CA DS. (StatNet DS developer doc. is exist in hungarian language)

6) Publicate our former results using StatNet DS and CA DS. Execution times, graphs, code-complexity comparative charts. May add a new "Results" tab to the website and the corresponding .html.
7) Only the CA DS use the advantages of the so called "mashine files"
right now. They have limited usability now, they may replace ProActive descriptors later. (Machine files have a much more simple synthax)

8) Of course, continue developing the Mobile Agents DS and Dynamic Network DS, and publish them. May report their status somewhere.

9) Turn the pictures on the top of the page into links, pointig to a short description of the chosen DS. (may report the status of "in-progress" DSs here. May refer to some papers the idea will based on) Make these descriptions accessible from other places from the website. May need to re-organize the webpage.

10) An open forum for discussions.

11) May add a "News" tab to the website and the corresponding .html about new relases, improvements.

(CA DS developer notes in Hungarian)