Dry Schemas

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Dry Schemas and QosCosGRID

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All files and documentation for the Cellular Automaton Dry Schema can be found here.

The Static Network Dry Schema, including documentation, can be found here.

Cellular Automaton’s manual is here.

Documentation for using the Static Network DS is here.

A detailed guide for how you can prepare your cluster for using our schemas can be found here.

GridABM has been developed at Collegium Budapest and AITIA International Inc. in the context of QosCosGrid.

QosCosGrid is a (finished) EC-founded project focused on developing grid middleware to allow complex systems simulation to be executed on a grid as if it was a supercomputer.

Main developers of GridABM:

Gabor Szemes (ColBud, AITIA)
Walter de Back (ColBud)
László Gulyás (AITIA, ColBud)
George Kampis (ColBud)